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I’ve sometimes wondered whether Satsumas are the same thing as Clementines. It seems to me that clementines are a little bit more stiff and a little less juicy. But they look so much the same!!!!!!! Then I saw on the box it said clementinas. Are they a whole different thing???!!!!!?!? I know it is kind of a weird question, but it is one to think about.


Here are some reeeeeeeeally lame jokes:
1. Why couldn’t the bicycle stand up?
Because it was two tired.
2. Why does it get hot after a baseball game?
Because all the fans have left.
3. What did the scuba diver say to the octopus?
“I want to hold your hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand.”
4. What does the pickle say when it wants to play cards?
Dill me in.
5. What do rabbits listen to?
Hip hop.
6. Where do snowflakes dance?
At the snowball.

Now give a hardy har har!!!!!!!! Laugh your ears off!!!!!!! Those were some pretty bad jokes.

Now, now. I hope this post doesn’t make you feel depressed, but this is something that almost eeeeeeeeeeveryone is ignoring. Global warming. Climate change. Animals going extinct. We always have all those weird people who come to are school to talk about global warming. But the thing is that they just make it feel like a big joke. “Uncle Zacharia”? I mean REALLY!!! This is what its really all about:
1. 30,000 animals are going extinct every year. That means 3 species are lost EVERY HOUR!!!!!
2. Almost a quarter of the earth’s mammal and bird species are likely to be extinct within the next 25 years.
3. Over 4 babies are being born every second. That means that that instead of our whopping 6.5 billion humans, by the end of this century we will have 44 billion people. Now think about how big your house is. Think about how many people have houses that big-in the world. Now think about 38 billion more people having houses that big. That means a loooooooot more houses, which means a looooooooot less green areas, which means a loooooooooooot more animals and plants going extinct and vanishing forever.
4. Cockroaches and rats are flourishing however. Imagine having a world full of cockroaches and rats, but all of the animals we really love not even existing.
Is this really what we want to happen to our beautiful planet? Do we want our children to grow up and not even know what a grizzly bear was? Don’t we want a blue sky, and not a one altered by pollution which WE HAVE MADE? If you agree then please comment. Maybe we can do something. Its up to us. Obviously the last generations are just merely going about their lives leaving us with a mess of a world. But as many Holy Rosary Students know, we’re BETTER TOGETHER!!!!!!

Guess what? Today is a palindrome!!! Take a look at the date: 01/02/2010 Now look at it backwards. Its the same!!! Happy New Year!!!!!


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