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Hi guys! I’m sooooooooooooooooooooo sorry I haven’t posted for so long! But I’ve been gone for 2 WEEKS! First at camp, then at my grandparents house. With only one day at home in between! Well, anyway, here’s a poem I just wrote on my typewriter. I thought it was kind of funny:

I saw a bunny on the road

A hideous sight to behold

For twas not a bunny

But a toad!

A wrinkled wart upon its chin

Some purple welts that blended in

With purple rolls of sagging skin

Oh what a state that it was in!

But this wasn’t all that strange

This wrinkled toad upon the road

That lived within a marshy range

Always foggy, always rains

For he’s a purple jumping toad

With bubbling warts upon his chin

Who lives with all his weird, warped friends

With way more warts than even him!!!!!

Bye guys! I hope you liked it! I’ll try to post more often! I miss you!!!!!!




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  • Adele: it has been 3 monthes, one week and four days since you posted. Please post claire! Adele
  • deleo: ok fine. 1 month. but that's still a long time.
  • deleo: i agree with Helen. this is the most boring post i've ever read. can't you post something? i mean, helen hasn't posted in a month, and you havn't po