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Guess what guys????? On Friday, I got 2 gerbils!!!! They are in my room!! One is gray with a little white stripe from her chest to her chin. Her name is blossom. The other one is white with some little gray and black streaks. She has HUGE black eyes that pop out of her head!!!! Her name is Precilla. They are sleeping in their flowerpot right now. Also, if you want to see pictures of them, go to my dad’s blog which is in my blogroll. They are soooo cute!!! . Bye! See you guys tomorrow! I can’t wait to show you my gerbils!!!!!!


Miss Mclaughlin

Max, Helen D., Joey, Olivia D., Alejandro, Ruby, Claire, Beau, Emma G., Laura, Jack H., Kathleen, Blue, John, Jane, Olivia M., Taylor, Veronica, Haley, Ashley, Harrison, Isabella S., Matthew, Emily, Thomas, Andrew, Elise, Adam

Mr. Secrest

Jensen, Martha, Eliot, Zach, Sydney, Bridget, Kyle, Helen K., Bennett, Marla, Roman, Isabella M., Emma M., Regan, Adele, Jack P., Sammuel, Alex P., Natalie, Samantha, Genevieve, David, Timothy, Rachel, Kate, Stephen, Jaret, Megan

Those are the lists!!! The reason I have them is because my dad took a pic. of them on the doors of the school and I just copied them. Gen and Helenk., I reeeeeeeally wish you guys were in my class!!!!!


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  • Adele: it has been 3 monthes, one week and four days since you posted. Please post claire! Adele
  • deleo: ok fine. 1 month. but that's still a long time.
  • deleo: i agree with Helen. this is the most boring post i've ever read. can't you post something? i mean, helen hasn't posted in a month, and you havn't po