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Okay. So life is extremely crazy.  First of all, HALLOWEEN IS TOMORROW! Now that in itself is not extremely crazy. But when you’re dressing up like a glowing mushroom under an umbrella…yeah, it’s just a bit weird. Second of all, there is the lock in. I’m sooooo excited! Who’s going? Third of all, I’m buying a 3/4 size cello! This probably isn’t a big deal to you, but believe me, this cello is seriously beautiful. 3r’d of all, this video is amazing! Watch it…

You might think it’s boring at first, but watch to the end. It’s awesome!


Okay, so halloween is coming up. What are you guys gonna’ be? I’m gonna’ be a mushroom. It’s gonna’ be awesome! I’ll probably use an umbrella for the top, then decorate it like a toadstool. It’ll light up from the inside! Anyway, I really want to decorate a ton outside. Any ideas for easy ways to decorate where you don’t have to buy that much? Thanks!


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  • Adele: it has been 3 monthes, one week and four days since you posted. Please post claire! Adele
  • deleo: ok fine. 1 month. but that's still a long time.
  • deleo: i agree with Helen. this is the most boring post i've ever read. can't you post something? i mean, helen hasn't posted in a month, and you havn't po