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cef_marshmallow-3762This is a cute, fun boredom buster! Here are the quick ‘n’ easy steps for making them:

  1. Get out a few marshmallows.  You need one marshmallow per marshmallow person.
  2. Draw a face and hair and clothes (optional) with sharpie on the marshmallows.
  3. Get a stick or popsicle stick or something and put it up the bottom of your “person”.
  4. Hold onto your stick and play around!!!!!!!

That’s it!  Bye!!



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  • Adele: it has been 3 monthes, one week and four days since you posted. Please post claire! Adele
  • deleo: ok fine. 1 month. but that's still a long time.
  • deleo: i agree with Helen. this is the most boring post i've ever read. can't you post something? i mean, helen hasn't posted in a month, and you havn't po