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Tonight me and Helen K. went to see the RCRG (see above) for the second time! They are the Seattle rollar skating team! They have 4 teams: Grave Danger, Throttle Rockets, Sockit Wenches, and Derby Liberation Front. In this derby, the teams were playing against each other. It was super fun!


When I was taking pictures for the L.A. comic strip, I took this picture… the WACKY CHICKEN JUMP!!!!!

Hi-ya!!!!(I mean that in both ways) Well it goes with the pictures doesn’t it? I took this ninja picture in my dad’s little area that he set up for taking pictures up close. It is really cool. I collect plastic ninjas. I got a little pink one from the dentist which I named Romeo, I have a green one that I got at West Fest named Zechariah, and I have this purple one from West Fest named Isaac the Great. I hope you’re enjoying my blog so far because I’m enjoying posting to it and reading people’s comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zechariah posing for the picture

Isaac the Great posing for the picture


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  • Adele: it has been 3 monthes, one week and four days since you posted. Please post claire! Adele
  • deleo: ok fine. 1 month. but that's still a long time.
  • deleo: i agree with Helen. this is the most boring post i've ever read. can't you post something? i mean, helen hasn't posted in a month, and you havn't po