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The Universe walked up to the Earthand said, “Hello Earth! How are you today?” The Earth didn’t say anything. With that, the Universe picked up the Earth by its handles and dropped the Earth in the Ocean. The Ocean welcomed the Earth warmlu as the Earth sank to the bottom, for Gravity was doing his job. All the Humans and Animals got out their scuba diving gear and explored the ocean.


” Oh no! I’m lost on a dessert island with nothing but rotten cupcakes! Oh whatever shall I do?!” wailed poor little Piggy Wiggy. Then, just in the nick of time, Super KIKA appeared! Yaaaay SuperKIKA!!!

“Never fear! Super KIKA is here! I shall save you little Piggy Wiggy!” said Super KIKA. ” Super KIKA!!!  I worship you! You rock and roll!!!” And they went of together singing, ” La di da di da! It’s a happy day!!!”

THE     END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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